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a while back i had a conversation with a friend about the amount of “framers” from her photo session- the number of photos that she wants to print to put up in their home. it got me thinking…

in a photo session, i strive to give you not only “framers” but also “keepers”. i want to get you some really pretty art for your walls, of course. and i definitely try to get you some photos where each family member is looking at the camera and smiling, but that stuff is not my only focus. i hope to capture you interacting and i hope to zoom in on little details and i hope to freeze moments (and to be honest- i personally think those make awesome “framers” too).

i think that maybe when you first go through your photos you might focus on the “framers” and look at what you look like, and if there is hair out of place (there will be!) and if everyone is smiling, and search for that “perfect” portrait. BUT, it is my wish that when you are going back through your images (over and over again) it is the “keepers” that stand out and that you will really cherish. i hope that you notice things that you maybe don’t take the time to in your day to day life. i hope the keepers show you how much love you share. i hope these make your heart happy.

i had my own experience with this the other day when our photographer posted one of our newborn photos on her instagram feed. i saw it and immediately teared up- it’s one of my favourite “keepers” from our session. a little moment captured and i am so thankful for it.

i hope my clients love their framers and their keepers.

maybe even frame a couple keepers?!

here are a couple keepers from a recent session…

IMG_8634 IMG_8847

  • September 11, 2015 - 4:45 am

    Susan Kerr - pretty sweet!