lovin’ it:: first edition

so, all of my fave photographers blog ALL THE TIME and i love it. it is so fun to check their blog and get excited when they have something new (i know, i know, sort of lame of me to get excited over that!!)! in an attempt to make myself blog a minimum of once per week even when i don’t have shoots happening i will be doing some weekly blog posts. lovin’ it will be one of them! every week i have a new list of things i want and things i love… so, why not blog them and share them with you so you can want them too! hehe.

without further ado… here is lovin’ it:: first edition

1. bree- duh, of course she is number one on the list!! from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. i love her with everything. the smell of bree is especially sweet. for serious. she smells the best. i could kiss and smell her all day long. drew and i are so blessed. here she is having a bath in the kitchen sink!

2. bird song bedding from anthroplogie- drew and i have been living in our house not even two years and i have changed our bedding and room three times already. if i had the money i would change it a fourth- to this bird song bedding from anthro. doesn’t it make you happy? i should really stop getting emails from anthro cause every time i get an email i go to their site and dream about all the stuff i want to buy (and can’t afford!).

3. the hills- is it wrong that i am so excited about the new (and final) season of the hills coming out?! it is such a guilty pleasure. have you seen the commercial for the new season. i laugh every time i see it and heidi *tries* to cry!! ahahaha.

i have another weekly blog posting up my sleeve but not sure if i have the courage to do it! it involves losing my baby weight and getting back into shape…

  • April 27, 2010 - 10:56 am

    Mom Susan - I agree with you totally about loving little Bree from top to bottom. You two have been blessed to be parents to that perfect tiny person. Yes that bedding is gorgeous but I think you outta get yourself off their email list (haha) before you get carried away.

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